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Why Take the ADD / ADHD Type Test?


We know that the first thing you need to do is determine IF you in fact have ADD and what type.


Next, understand and review the custom tailored action plan.


Finally, once you know what type of ADD you have, you can start your FREE Healing ADD Video Series.

We’ve Got 125,000 SPECT Scans On Our Side.


We know how to determine your ADD Type.

Do you experience trouble focusing or have problems with time management? Do you have difficulty with follow through, a tendency to lose things, or poor attention to detail? Are you disorganized or easily distracted? With this simple 4-minute, confidential test you will discover your ADD Type and get a personalized report.

Dr. Daniel Amen, the founder of Amen Clinics, has devoted his medical career analyzing 125,000 Brain SPECT scans and identifying 7 Types of ADD. Each ADD Type requires its own specific protocols and treatment regimen. A well-designed ADD test takes this into account. This specially designed ADD Type Test utilizes Amen Clinics’ extensive experience to translate what your brain is telling you. This specialized ADD Type Test will help you decipher your symptoms and develop a plan to naturally manage your ADD. The ADD Type Test from Amen Clinics can help you take a peek inside your brain and understand if you have ADD. It can also help you determine what type of ADD you might have.

Ready to Start Feeling In Control?


Your customized action plan will guide you.

Once you complete your ADD Type Test you will receive a comprehensive, personalized report based upon your answers. This report provides an action plan tailored to your ADD Type and offers a natural, targeted plan with recommendations that you can start immediately from home.

Your tailored action plan will include tips and information to boost your mood, ways to stop Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), and directions to set structured goals. You will also learn some natural ways to help support your brain’s health. This action plan, along with a list of traits associated with your ADD Type, will help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms. With this new information at hand, you will be able to effectively manage your ADD. The Amen Clinics ADD Test is the first step towards taking control of your ADD/ADHD.